PANASONIC Camcorder AG-CX350 with NISI Filter UV Pro Nano Huc

3 728.00 4 473.60 (KM-ga)

The Panasonic CX Series is a lineup of camcorders that supports the fusion of video, broadcasting, and communication. The AG-CX350 is a handheld camcorder that features 4K/UHD resolution, 10-bit depth HDR-compatible V-Log/HLG image quality and various recording formats including broadcasting P2HD.
It offers creative activities that meets the needs of various scenes. Furthermore, innovative network solutions are provided with the 4K/SRT-compatible direct streaming function and NDI|HX-compatible* IP connection function, to serve as a live camera, and clearly expands the usability of the handheld camcorder beyond conventional news gathering and recording applications to meet a wide range of professional needs. It is also lightweight, compact, and has low power consumption to support all professional users in production, broadcasting, and distribution.

Features (PANASONIC Camcorder AG-CX350):

  • High Shooting Quality
    • Wide-Angle 24.5 mm Optical 20x Zoom, Plus i.Zoom
    • High-Definition, High-Sensitivity 1.0-type 15M MOS Sensor
    • Intelligent AF and Face Detection/Tracking AE & AF
    • Built-in 5-Axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer
    • Manual Three Rings and Focus Assist
    • HDR-Compliant V-Log/HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)
    • Broadcast-Grade Picture Quality Adjustment Functions
    • Simultaneous Display on High-Brightness, High-Definition LCD and High-Resolution OLED EVF
  • Multi-Format, Multi-Codec Recording
    • HEVC Codec for High-Image-Quality 10-bit 4K/60p Recording at Low Bit Rate
    • P2 MXF File Formats Supported with Proxy and Shot Mark
    • Clip Metadata Functions
    • 10-bit Variable Frame Rate (VFR) without Cropping
    • 24-bit PCM Audio 4-Channel Recording
    • Freeze Frame (Still Image Capture)
    • Double Memory Card Slots Improve Recording Reliability
  • Connect to Networks and Systems
    • Streaming capabilities with 4K quality and SRT protocol support
    • Linked with IoT Cloud Platform
    • Easy IP Connection: NDI® | HX Is Enabled by an Optional NDI®|HX License Purchased from NewTek
    • Cabled/Wireless Remote Control Capability
    • Professional System Features
    • Low Power Consuming, Large-Capacity Battery, Quick Charge

The NiSi PRO Nano HUC UV has an exclusive creative “U” type Nano coating and a hardened waterproof coating. The UV filter is also useful as a general protective filter to leave on lenses at all times. Filters help to reduce dust and moisture from reaching your lens element and provide additional protection in case of drops or situations where scratching could occur. 

Features (NISI Filter UV Pro Nano Huc):

  • Ultraviolet absorption optical glass
  • Brass Frame constructed with highly accurate Brass milling.
  • Exclusive creative “U” type Nano coating.
  • Hardened waterproof coating.
  • Top-level optical surface machining accuracy.
  • Ultra-thin (3,5mm): Minimize vignetting effect on wide-angle lenses
  • High-quality optical glass for high transmittance (>99,2%) and highly smooth surface with only 0,3% reflection
  • Protect the lens from dust and damage to the front element
  • Easy to clean
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