SIRUI Anamorphic objektiiv 1,33x 35mm f/1.8



Push the boundaries of your Cinematic Art!
Manufactured by high standards and can function as a 26,3mm lens by widening the field of view up to 33% to cinematize a shot with excellent visual characteristics and unique anamorphic features.

See more in 2.4:1 Cinematography
Easily attached to your camera with minimum impact of the camera lens, the 35mm anamorphic lens, with the 1.33x squeeze factor, still horizontally squeezes the footage into the 2.4:1 aspect ratio in a general frame setting, yet it pushes the sides to capture more stuff in the high quality ultra-wide rectangular footage.

Anamorphic Light Art
Due to the unique anamorphic light feature, this lens will produce horizontal blue streaks with less stray light to deliver gripping Sci-Fi brushed and backlighting effects.

Captivating Oval Bokeh
When the image is desqueezed, the bokeh behind the subject will stretch into an oval shape to create a dreamy film look to captivate the viewers.

Easy Aperture Control
Turn the 1.8 aperture ring to optimize the depth of field, horizontal lens flares and oval bokeh effects for a desired cinematic shot whether in a low or high light environment.

High-Quality Imaging
Quality built with innovative optical structure and German manufacture Schott optical glass lens elements, the anamorphic lens minimises the optical distortion and lens breathing effects and perfectly functions to generate sharp high-resolution images.

Smooth Focus Adjustments Plus Focus Gear Ring
Solidly constructed with aircraft aluminium alloy and a precision CNC machining process, this compact fit provides smooth focus adjustments via the precision copper focus ring attached with the focus gear ring (0.8 module).

Compatible with most types of Mirrorless Cameras
The 35mm lens can attach to a M4/3 mirrorless camera and fit into an APS-C mirrorless camera with a selection of E, EF-M and Z-lens mounts by attaching the optional adapter rings. (Switch to APS-C format when used with a full-frame camera)

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