“Expert-Line” Neon Gaffer Tape 654, 19mm x 25m



Type 654 is a high quality waterproof Gaffer-Tape. It has a high adhesion. You can remove it without any residue of many surfaces up to 30 days. It is made of a high quality cloth tape, which has a matt surface. It is the ideal tape wherever non-reflective surface is needed. It is also dust proof and it is easy to handle – it is perfect for use on stage. The tape is fluorescent and therefore also visible with UV-light
in the dark.

Type 654 is used as warning and marking tape on events, in warehouses etc. Also it is used for special effects with UV-light and many different decorations.

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Technical Data
Backing: vinyl-coated cloth
Total thickness: 300 μ
Elongation at break: 6 %
Adhesion on steel: 5 N/cm
Tensile strength: 60 N/cm
Adhesive: natural rubber
Temperature resistance: up to 90 °C
Core diameter: 76 mm
Length: 25 m