KUPO KAB-31K Do-Re-Mi 3-In-One Nesting Apple Box


147.92 180.46 (incl. VAT)

Made of high quality birch plywood that is build for long lasting use. With 1” less height than standard 8” full apple box, Do-Re-Mi 3 in one apple box set is designed to fit most stairway height. The compact size also makes the whole set easy to stack and carry.

NESTING QUARTER APPLE BOX: 18 1/2“ x 10” x 2” / Weight: 1.75 kg

NESTING HALF APPLE BOX: 18 1/2”x10”x4” w/ Kupo logo (on one side) / Weight: 2.1 kg

NESTING FULL APPLE BOX: 20”x12”x7” w/ Kupo logo (on one side) / Weight: 4.9 kg 

Total weight: 9kg

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