NANLITE Halo19 LED ring light with carrying case


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In the box:

  • Nanlite Halo 19 Daylight 19″ LED Ring Light with Cloth Diffuser and Camera Mount
  • Cloth Diffuser
  • Camera Mount
  • AC Adapter


  • Brightness Control: Dimmer
  • Color Temperature: 5600
  • CRI: 95
  • Illumination (LUX): 5800 @ 1 meter
  • Power: 38
  • Power Source: AC
  • Weight: 1554
  • Light spectrum: Daylight / fixed
  • DMX: No
  • Built-in battery: No
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Nanlite Halo 19 Daylight 19″ LED Ring Light with Cloth Diffuser and Camera Mount is part of a series of LED ringlights that are well-suited for beauty lighting, vlogging, selfies, hair dressing, makeup application, portrait photography, and more. However you use it, the 19″ ring light offers your images the signature attractive, soft, near-shadowless light quality with interesting ring-shaped catchlights, which is the hallmark of this fixture’s shape. The effect is especially pronounced when shooting through the open center with your DSLR using the included mount.

The light is dimmable from 0 to 100% to save you the trouble of jockeying it back and forth to achieve the correct light intensity. Color is a fixed 5600K to match other daylight-balanced fixtures or ambient light conditions. Halo 19″ has a high CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 93 – an indicator of accuracy in color rendition. Besides the camera the Halo also includes a cloth diffuser, AC adapter, and a carry case.

Soft Quality of Light
Nanlite ring lights create soft, shadowless lighting with minimal set up and zero complications. Ideal for makeup tutorials, vlogging, photographic and video lighting, photo booths and more.

High Output, Daylight Balanced
At 3850 lumens the Halo 19 is powerful enough to be used as a studio light or outdoors. Also, its fixed daylight color temperature (5600K) easily blends in with other studio LED lights and strobe lights.

Halo’s 19″ diameter and included camera bracket makes it ideally suited for use with most mirrorless cameras and medium to small DSLRs. A cloth diffuser and a carry case is included.