TOKINA 16-28mm MK II T3 Cinema objektiiv


3 095.00

A redesign from the popular 16-28mm cinema lens to have the same physical characteristics of the other Vista series lenses. The new design is a more robust all-metal housing with a similar focus throw and identical gear positions to the Vista Prime lenses. Covering up to Vista Vision large format, this lens is a true wide-angle powerhouse that mixes well with prime lenses

  • The parfocal optical design allows for zoom racking without loss of focus. The distortion is very well controlled and limits chromatic aberration when shooting at a maximum wide-open aperture. The lens design also features Full Frame/VV sensor coverage

  • The 16-28mm MKII features an all-metal design with focus/iris/zoom marks designed to meet the standards of professional productions. Unparalleled value with performance to match.

  • Featuring the Tokina Cinema Vista Lens Mount that can be easily exchanged from PL, EF, Sony E, MFT and Nikon F, in minutes for maximum versatility with common cinema and still/cinema hybrid cameras.

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