FXLION Nano dual V-mount plate with hot-swap function


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This NANO Series Hot-Swap V-Mount plate gives you the possibility to hot-swap batteries, for continuous power. It automatically switches between the first and second battery when a critical voltage point is detected. It also switches to the second battery when you unplug the first one. When a full first battery is put onto the plate, an indicator lights up, informing that it changed to the first battery again.


  • Input: 10-16.8V NANO V-Mount batteries*2
  • Output: 10-16.8V
  • Features: hot-swap function, voltage-controlled switch
  • D-Tap Outputs: Yes (3x) 10-16.8V
  • Working current: 8A (max)
  • Dimensions: 141(L)mm*89(W)mm*42(H)mm
  • Weight: 274g
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