FXLION Nano V-mount plate for Sony FX6


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The NANO plate for the Sony ILME-FX6 can be directly attached to the top of the camera. The plate has an integrated DC cable to connect it with the camera and an additional D-Tap output to power your accessories.

The NANO plate works with all regular 14.8V batteries. We recommend using the NANO TWO battery for maximum power combined with the most compact design.

This Plate is designed to work with the NANO Series batteries and can be attached to the top of the Sony FX6 camera. There is a confected DC cable integrated into the plate which is compatible with the FX6’s input.


  • Input: 10.0-16.8V
  • DC Output: 19.5V/3.08A
  • D-Tap Output: Yes (1x)
  • Cable length: 200 mm
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 108*80*103 mm
  • Weight: 287g
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