KUPO KCP-600 4″ Super Viser Clamp


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The Super Viser is an extremely strong and versatile clamp. It can mount securely onto round and square objects or just about any unique shape up to 4″ (11cm) in diameter.

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The jaw position remains fixed on one side of the clamp enabling it to be mounted where limited space is available. The specially formulated grip pad provides a strong grip yet protects the surface it’s clamped around. This clamp has a hexagonal receiver that accepts the full compliment of Convi Clamp accessories. The Super Viser boasts an impressive load capacity of 30kg and comes in a silver aluminum finish.

  • Mounts securely on round or square object and just about any unique shape up to 4″ (11cm)
  • Jaw position remains fixed on one side enabling mounting in limited space
  • Specially formulated grip pad holds tight, yet protects the surfaced it’s clamped around
  • Hexagonal receiver that works in conjunction with Convi Clamp accessories
  • Large load capacity of 30kg