Phosphor Tape 620



Type 620 is a lamination of two PET films coated on the back side with a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and backed with two side poly coated layflat release liner. This product will glow the brightest during first 30 minutes, after activation has ceased, and will remain visible to the night (darkness) adapted eye up to 10 hours. It is recommended for application requiring Glow-In-Dark effect.

This fluorescent tape is used for marking warnings, signs or ways, and furthermore for decoration.

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Technical Data
Backing: PET-foil
Total thickness: 390 μ
Carrier thickness: 240 μ
Adhesion on steel: 10 N/cm
Adhesive: acrylic
Temperature resistance: up to 80° C
Core diameter: 76 mm
Length: 10 m