ZHIYUN LED Fiveray F100 Tube Light Combo


319.92 390.30 (incl. VAT)

The Fiveray F100 can produce up to 20708 lux (at 0.3m) and can be dimmed in 0-100% to precisely adjust the light and satisfy different professional shooting scenarios. The LED tube has an ergonomic control wheel, easy-to-read status display and can be easily controlled with just one hand.

A standard ¼-inch thread allows the F100 to be mounted on a gimbal, tripod or other equipment in use.

Intelligent temperature control and overheating protection as well as 6 silent fans, the heat can be quickly reduced as needed.
The fans are activated automatically when the power exceeds a certain level.

The F100 has a color temperature range from 2700K-6500K in CCT mode, plus RGB colors as well.
Using the HSI mode, multiple creative FX lighting effects are supported and provide great freedom to adapt the lighting to each scene, whether it is a natural environment or when something more creative is required.

Several accessories to modify the light are included;
2-leaf barn doors, diffuser and grid for professional use and control of the light.

2 different charging functions

  • PD charging time – 2H56MIN(20V/1.2A 25W ) with lighting off.
  • DC charging time – 3H3MIN(24V 25W~28W ) with lighting off (with Power adapter, not included)

6 built-in 2600mAh batteries ensure that the F100 can be used;
5h40min at 10W, 2h10min at 25W, 1h 4m at 50W and 30 min at 100W power.

ZHIYUN’s unique patented system DynaVort Cooling System™ provides intelligent control of a two-way cooling system to increase the cooling effect and prevent overheating.


  • Can produce up to 20708 lux (at 0.3 m)
  • The color temperature can be varied from 2700K-6500K
  • 0-100% dimming
  • CRI ≥ 96 / TLCI ≥ 97
  • Compact design
  • Effective cooling
  • PD charging
  • Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion Battery
  • Brightness Control: Dimmer
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 502x46x47
  • LED Category: Versatile, Studio
  • Power: 100
  • Weight: 950

Packaging Includes:

  • 1x F100 Light Stick
  • 1x USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1x 2-Leaf Barn Doors
  • 1x Diffuser
  • 1x Grid
  • 1x Power Adapter 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x Quick Start Guide