KINOTEHNIK Practilite 604 bi-color LED fresnel with DMX


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Practilite 604 is the successor of our popular 602 model. It’s a bi-color, variable beam smartphone controlled LED light that has the DMX-512 connectivity.

DMX and Smart Sync Cinnectivity
Practilite 604 is the most advanced of the Practilite compact LED Fresnel family. Its ideally suited for permanent and semi-permanent installations where compact DMX enabled Fresnel lights can be utilized. Places like small and home studios for vlogging or even for high quality gallery lighting. Smart Sync Connectivity enables synchroneous control from one Master fixture. 

The Practilite 604 comes with an app for smartphones and is Bluetooth capable: the remote function is cost-effective and especially useful for single-person shooters or small crews when a gaffer is not available. Also, it makes documentary shooting and field interviews more efficient as managing the lighting setup and adjustments can now be done with greater ease.

Greater light range
The classic fresnel lens provides greater light range than conventional LED fixtures. This enables wider shot angles and precise light-shaping without losing the LED output power/throw which is typically the case with barndoor-controlled fixtures. This compact and powerful light is designed to gather and throw as much light as possible through its 3.2″ 80mm fresnel lens, providing you with unprecedented size to light output ratio.

Variable color temperature
In today”tungsten” anymore. Be it CFL, LED, halogen and other types of lighting, our Practilite 604 is just the right tool to adapt to these various lighting conditions.

Tune color balance or brightness
From tungsten to daylight and any lighting situation in between, you just dial in the matching color balance and tune the brightness manually or from your smartphone.

Flicker free, compact and durable
The Practilite 604 is flicker free, which allows for perfectly lit slow motion shots. The 604 is compact and durable. Its aircraft grade full aluminium CNC-machined construction allows safe, easy and cost effective transportation. The universal AC/DC power supply is internationally adaptable.


  • Light Source: Dual Phosphor COB LED
  • Color Range: 3000 to 6000K
  • CRI: ≤96
  • Display: OLED screen
  • Operating Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 12-28 VDC
  • Power Consumption (max): 85W (90 W)
  • Connectivity: DMX-512
  • Dimming: 5-100% (0-100% via DMX)
  • Lens: 3.2″ (80 mm), Borosilicate glass Fresnel
  • Beam Angle: 15-75°
  • Beam Control:  Variable
  • Cooling: Hybrid
  • Control:
    • Local
    • Remotely via Practilite Remote Control App iOS 8.0+ and Android
  • Mount: 5/8″ (Baby)
  • Barndoors: Included
  • Dimensions: 4.0 x 7.0 x 6.0″ (10 x 17 x 15 cm)
  • Weight: 2.9lbs (1.3kg)
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Kinotehnik designs and develops accessories for the new era of content creation. Back in 2005, our founder Tõnis Liivamägi, an avid cinematography enthusiast, was obsessed with 35mm DOF adapters. Having a background in product design, it soon became apparent that when he failed to find a feasible existing solution it made much more sense to build one by himself. This led to inventing a super compact electronical ground-glass holder, that fit into readily available macro tubes. Oh man, there was much rejoicing in the forums. So one thing lead to another, and our first mainstream product, LCDVF, was born in 2009 as a response for the HDSLR community looking for affordable, yet top quality LCD viewfinder. After its notable success, we are now venturing further into design and development of photo and video accessories. Soon to be announced products include smart lights, premium quality mic preamps, AV IQ I/O boxes and much more. Our products are geared towards documentary filmmakers, journalists and small camera crews who all require compact but rugged gear, although the profile of our clients starts from the very beginner DSLR-filming enthusiasts. However, all of them share the same high expectations. Meeting those expectations is both a huge challenge and great fun. This is what keeps us going. Our core values are: unparalleled design and usability, justified pricing and continuous involvement of the community. We are headquartered in Tartu, Estonia, Northern-Europe. Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia. In contrast to Estonia's political and financial capital Tallinn, Tartu is often considered the intellectual and cultural hub, especially since it is home to Estonia's oldest and most renowned university. In addition to science, we also have excellent access to various production facilities. KINOTEHNIK Practilite 600 Series Competition Comparison (,pdf) KINOTEHNIK Practilite 802 Series Competition Comparison (,pdf)


Kaal2 kg
Mõõtmed32 × 17 × 18 cm